Oath Oracle

intuitive astrology



My name is Oath

 I help bad bitches, ambitious dreamers and soulful creators come into alignment with their greater purpose using Intuitive Astrology, so that they can step into the Fullness of the life they were always meant for.

I am here to illuminate your Soul’s Map, the Natal chart.  The chart holds messages for you about your purpose, power and potential, as well as the instructions on how to fully embody them.

By reading your Natal chart, I can translate messages from your own Higher Self about what your Soul is truly longing for and why your past experiences have had a purpose in your greater story all along.

Your desires chose you for a reason.

When you step into your power and truth,

the Path will unfold at your feet.


Client Love

Oath offers such a powerful and dynamic understanding of astrology through the lens of empowerment. One (of many) elements that stood out to me was that no truth or insight is framed with bias.

Everything shared is from a place of deeper understanding, to provide an avenue for growth or acceptance. Oath’s passion for this art is palpable. She is truly a conduit for higher knowledge, something that is felt in every reading.

Delving into one’s own birth chart acts as a mere foundation for further understanding. I see it as a tether in our ever changing world. I feel compelled to call upon her wisdom with every major shift in life and am always humbled by the ever-burgeoning clarity that she provides 


Mental Health Worker + Vocalist + Photographer

 Incredibly insightful, Oath blew me away with her knowledge, understanding and delivery of my chart.

I consider myself someone who already had an above-average understanding of their own chart, but she expanded that awareness ten-fold, providing me with very critical details I would have never learned on my own. This information brought everything into alignment and objective clarity, unveiling parts of my path that I never thought a chart could show.

Oath’s communication feels clear, precise, focused and personal— something I appreciate as a more rationally-driven person exploring an abstract subject matter. I appreciate that she is both studiously well-read and clearly intuitively gifted. Would recommend her to absolutely anyone.

UX / UI Designer

Oath oracle exceeded my expectations of the insight astrology can offer.

In the past I have been skeptical of astrology, yet after hearing from several friends about Oath Oracle’s in depth readings, I felt compelled to experience one for myself.

I tell you, my skepticism was forced into the back seat!

I was completely blown away by the depth and understanding offered through the reading, all of which was delivered with clarity. Oath offers a personable, deep exploration of astrological charts, digging deep into the grit and realness of our motivations and actions.


Performance Artist + Gymnastics Coach

Knowledgeable, kind, invested & passionate.

So sweet and experienced.

Encouraged a recording of the session so I could listen again later, she is so relatable and compassionate and accurate!

Definitely got me teary eyed having someone see me so deeply. Thank you, what a gift 🖤


Performance Artist + Designer

Oath is absolutely gifted at what she does.

My first reading with her was so incredibly comprehensive that I was blown away by her intuitive abilities.

She was able to sense things about my inner and outer worlds that even my closest of friends don’t necessarily observe. The most important factor in all this was the fact that none of her reading felt “confining” or limiting to me.

Highly recommend her work to anyone interested in this beautiful esoteric art form.

Illustrator + Owner of Rouge.Ink

Thank you so so so much!
 I am in awe of your abilities!!  You are so Eloquent in your communication.
 You have such a gift.  Honoured to know you and have access to your wisdom and well of astrological knowledge.
This really hit home and helped me a lot <3