visionary astrologer & mystic business coach


Ayesha guides visionary entrepreneurs to create financial freedom with their Soul purpose work in accordance with their unique Astrological + energy blueprint.

Are you ready to embody your Cosmic Oath?

Create prosperity with Spirit, Strategy and Soul-Purpose.

Oath’s Medicine Pillars

Ayesha is committed to the New Paradigm of conscious business that creates wild prosperity through Soul purpose & sends a ripple of positive impact throughout the collective.


The pillars of her work are intuitive Astrology, energy medicine, inner child work, empowered subconscious re-programming, mystic business strategy, pleasure, personal power, magnetism, manifestation and conscious wealth.


Just one session with Ayesha can be transformational as we call forth the highest potential + timelines expressed in the birth chart, anchoring them so they can be actualized in life + business.


Creatrix Moon Coven

Business Witch membership 

CREATRIX MOON COVEN is an exclusive membership portal for conscious entrepreneurs tapping into their unique  Astrological blueprint to empower Life, Soul, Business & Bank account.

Membership includes live workshop + ritual sessions at the New & Full moon each month.

AND instant access to the Conscious Business curriculum portal with workshops on Sacred Social Media, Astrology for business, magnetic marketing and more. 

business astrology

Soul Wealth

business reading

Deep Dive reading with laser focus on your success codes for business, marketing, branding, offers, wealth creation and attracting soul clients.

Weaving intuitive Astrology , psychic insight and practical, proven business strategies which are suited to your unique energetic blueprint.

 You will walk away from this session feeling lit up with clarity & purpose, and have practical next steps to take towards greater success and fulfillment in your Soul business.

This is an activation of your Wealth, Purpose & Creatrix codes.


The Soul’s Map

birth chart reading

A profound, comprehensive exploration of your Natal chart.

More than an analysis of your placements, this is an energetic excavation + communion with your Higher Self.

Illuminating + activating your Purpose, Power and Potential.

Conducted via Zoom, recording of session included.

1:1  transformational coaching

Mystic Business mentorship

Sacred 1-on-1 coaching container. 

5 months of in-depth transformational work to empower you in the creation of your Soul business, aligned offerings + wealth.

Informed by Intuitive Astrology, weaving in practical + proven business strategy, subconscious reprogramming, energy medicine, inner child work, manifestation and emotional block release.

High level strategy & high touch support for women who are ready to fully claim their power and step into their next level of wild prosperity.

free download

Astrology Guide

( Free gift! )

Guide to align with the stars, moon & magick!

This e-book dives deep into the mystery of Astrology, overflowing with valuable information on some of the most highly requested topics such as the Zodiac signs, houses, aspects and more!

Sign up now to align your life & business with sacred celestial cycles!

Get instant access to the Foundational Astrology Guide & receive Oath’s weekly forecasts.


Business Witch Membership portal


Bespoke Astrology workshops

Lilith ::: Dark Feminine Energy

A sultry deep-dive into Lilith’s unique expression in your birth chart.

This workshop is an initiation into your dark feminine energy.   This is about calling home disowned, repressed and rejected parts of yourself.  And fully standing in your luscious, magnetic feminine power.

Join now for instant access to the Astrology presentation, instructions on locating your Lilith placements, a guided energy journey & integration workbook.

** This workshop is included within the Moon Coven membership portal!  Or you can purchase it a’la carte by clicking the button below.

Moon Coven ::: Business Witch membership


MOON COVEN is a sacred space for visionary entrepreneurs creating financial freedom with their Soul Purpose work.  Membership in Moon Coven includes live workshop sessions at the New and Full moon each month AND instant access to the Conscious Business & Astrology for Biz workshop portals.

Join now for instant access to workshops such as Branding for your Rising sign, Sacred Social Media, New Moon Manifestation, Embodiment for Business and more! 

Scroll through for individual workshops >>>

Jupiter ::: Abundance Magick

Jupiter is the planet of luck, abundance and opportunity.

That is why I created this workshop at an incredibly accessible sliding scale price.  

Sign up now to begin exploring your unique abundance codes and learn to activate your abundant Jupiter energy.

** This workshop is included within the Moon Coven membership portal!  Or you can purchase it a’la carte by clicking the button below.


Client Love


“Oath’s intuitive accuracy absolutely floored me. It changed my perspective on my business, my life, my work, my attitude towards love, and most importantly, she confirmed, unlocked and revealed a lot of things to me that I had previously been searching for and blinded to in my own practice

My gratitude to you is unquantifiable. Thank you SO MUCH for being in your Divine purpose.

If you are considering booking Oath for your reading, do not bother looking elsewhere. Go to her. She can and will help you, and she will completely blow you away. She is one of the realest, most down-to-earth people I have ever met, and you will walk away from your reading understanding far more than you came in with.

Thank you so, so much Oath, and I can’t wait to book another reading with you!!!”

Jasper Haeward

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